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Why doesn’t wine have an expiration date?

Why doesn’t wine have an expiration date?

Don’t they say that wine gets better with age? Certainly. Except that the bottle that contains it risks aging badly! And yet, strangely enough, you must have noticed that these containers do not have an expiration date. But, then how do you know if the elixir is still in good condition or not? If you are a lover of good wines, you already know a thing or two about the issue. But, for a novice in the matter, if this point intrigues you, it would be good to dwell on it a little. Rosé, red, white…each wine has its own particularity. But none of them are forever. So as not to frustrate your palate, nor offer a questionable bottle of wine to your guests, here is some useful information.

Bottles of wine don’t have an expiration date: do you know why?

It’s still weird, isn’t it? Why do most  wine bottles  not specify the expiration date? However, it would be very practical to avoid drinking bad wine! In truth, there are many reasons, because it depends on multiple factors. In particular the quality and the very type of this wine, but also and above all the way you store it. Therefore, there is no precise way to determine the exact expiration date . Especially since, as you probably already know, an “expired” wine is not dangerous in itself, it is just more bitter and less pleasant in the mouth.

How long does a bottle of wine last after opening?

Since there are plenty of variables in making wine delicious, shelf life also differs from bottle to bottle. Obviously, just by tasting you can already feel the difference. Everything therefore depends on his degree of bitterness: he is not necessarily spoiled, but the change is perceptible. It’s up to you to judge whether you can still drink it or not. Unless, of course, it has really turned vinegary, in which case you have to get rid of it! Now, there is a golden rule to remember: if you keep them cool, the bottles must always be tightly closed in the refrigerator,  even if this storage method is not the best . Afterwards, too, everything depends on the quantity of filling. The emptier the bottle, or even half full, the shorter the shelf life (in the fridge).


Are you more red, white or pink? To better inform you about this cool storage time, here is a quick overview of the most popular wines:

  • How long does sparkling wine last?

Crémants, champagnes, sparkling wines… All sparkling wines, resulting from traditional fermentation in the bottle, can be kept well sealed for 1 to 2 days maximum. You may have noticed: a sparkling wine with added carbonic acid already looks rather stale in the glass the next day. In fact, the last bit of carbon dioxide escapes when you repeatedly open the bottle to serve yourself.

  • How long does a fruity white wine last?

Are you a white wine lover? Please note that if this elixir is particularly fruity and reductive (without oxygen), it quickly loses its fresh aromas. If you want to savor the taste even more, keep it in the fridge for no more than two days.

  • How long does a full-bodied white wine last?

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