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5 tips from grandmothers to reduce dark circles under the eyes

5 tips from grandmothers to reduce dark circles under the eyes

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“You look tired this morning…”, that’s a killer expression that has the gift of depressing you for the day! And this refrain has been raging for some time. The cause is those ugly dark circles under your eyes that refuse to go away. Tired of these dark pockets that tarnish your good looks and make you look old? Of course, the little trick of foundation or concealer helps to instantly camouflage these halos, but it is only ever temporary. Forget make-up, we have proven tips! So try these 5 natural remedies to reduce dark circles under your eyes, rejuvenate the eye contour and give a boost of radiance to your complexion.
What exactly are dark circles under the eyes?
Because it is particularly sensitive, the skin around the eyes is sometimes adorned with unsightly and embarrassing dark marks. Also, when this area sags, an optical effect gives the impression of a color change. The skin under the eyes then appears darker, oscillating between blue, purple and black. Although it looks like it, it has nothing to do with bruising around the eye from an injury, redness, or any swelling from an infection. Dark circles are generally not a sign of a health problem.

Dark circles: noticeable color change
In absolute terms, dark circles cause a variation in the color of the skin at the level of the infraorbital fold, that is to say under the lower eyelid. Depending on their cause, they can tint the skin with different pigments, ranging from blue to brown to purple. Result: the complexion is dull, the look tired and the entire face loses its freshness and radiance.


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