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How to reduce the energy consumption of the freezer?

How to reduce the energy consumption of the freezer?

Every month, it’s the same story, you complain about this damn electricity bill which keeps climbing. You can no longer tighten your belt to pay these excessive amounts! Do you dream of finally getting your head above water and saving some money to take a vacation worthy of the name? All in good time ! To save money, it’s up to you to change certain bad habits and use a few clever tips to consume less energy. Take, for example, those energy-hungry appliances in your kitchen. The freezer alone can consume up to 30% of your household’s total energy. It is high time to act to change the situation and reduce costs! Here are some helpful tips.
Does the freezer use a lot of electricity?

As you know, freestanding freezers generally offer more space than fridge freezers. They are therefore more practical for those who prefer to freeze their food. But, it is important to note that the old generation of freezers is a real waste: these devices consume much more energy than today’s models. Be aware that a modern freezer will use between 30 and 100 watts of power depending on size, interior temperature and efficiency. Average annual consumption (between 100 and 300 kWh), which takes into account compressor cycles and temperature changes, can easily impact your electricity bill. In fact, there are always factors to take into account: energy consumption can increase significantly depending on when, where and how you use the freestanding freezer.

Note:  we remind you, like other electrical appliances, freezers are one of the major  consumers of household energy . If you pay attention to the right size, energy efficiency and good location in the kitchen, you can save a lot of electricity and money. So be smarter and don’t neglect the energy class: if you plan to treat yourself to a new freezer, always opt for a high class like A++ (which spends 20% less electricity than class A+) or A+++ (30 to 60% less).


Tip: a simple bottle of water can reduce the consumption of your freezer

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