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Dip Q-tip in paint & press on glass for the most elegant look yet


Whether it’s “wine o’clock” or time for pink lemonade, a festive glass definitely makes whatever you’re imbibing taste better. In this DIY we show you how to take simple and unadorned, stemless wineglasses and make them extra-special.

Here we create three fun iterations of painted dot patterns on the glasses with acrylic paint and our special application tool, the common Q-tip! The first glass is covered in a multi-colored confetti of polka dots, the second gets the metallic treatment, and the third proves that daisies rather than diamonds just might be a girl’s best friend. These glasses serve you well in entertaining your guests because they can easily tell which one is theirs. Plus, a set of several or a half dozen makes a fabulous gift. Take the leap, and transform your glasses from ho-hum to super fun!

– Small paint palette with at least nine wells
– 11 bottles of acrylic paint in different shades, but must include white and bright yellow
– 3 stemless wineglasses
– Cotton swabs
– Blow-dryer
– Jar of copper-colored Liquid Metal acrylic paint
– Roll of blue painter’s tape
– Jar of Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer spray

1. Fill each well in the paint palette with a different shade of acrylic paint.


Place the wineglass so its mouth is on the work surface.


Take a cotton swab, dip it in the darkest paint, and dot it randomly on the glass’ exterior. The dot sizes and shapes will all be slightly different, but that’s OK.


Dip the other end of the swab into another color of paint, and apply more dots, but don’t make quite as many as you did with the first paint color.

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Put the glass down, and get the blow-dryer.


Blow-dry the paint on the glass.


Take a new swab, and dip it into the third color of paint, then apply more dots to the glass’ exterior. As you use each successive color, apply fewer dots of paint and concentrate more of the dots on the bottom section of the glass.


8. Put the glass down.

9. Blow-dry the new layer of painted dots on the glass.

10. Continue applying each new color of dots with a swab, changing out swabs as necessary and blow-drying each new color of dots as you go. The more colors you add, the greater the chance that you might put one color atop another in a few places. That’s OK too.

11. Get a new glass and the jar of Liquid Metal paint.

12. Dip a cotton swab tip into the copper paint, and apply dots in a random fashion on the bottom third of the glass. These dots are spaced randomly but densely.

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