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Banana Split Trifle Recipe

Repeat the layers of brownie squares, bananas, strawberries, and pudding mixture until you have used all the ingredients.
Top the trifle with a layer of whipped topping and drizzle with chocolate syrup and maraschino cherries, if desired.
Chill the trifle in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving.
Tips for Success
Be sure to allow the brownies to cool completely before cutting them into squares.
To prevent the bananas from turning brown, you can dip them in lemon juice before layering them in the trifle.
You can use fresh or canned pineapple in this recipe, but be sure to drain the pineapple well if you use canned.
If you don’t have a trifle dish, you can use a large glass bowl or individual dessert cups.
The trifle can be made a day ahead and kept in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
The banana split trifle recipe is a perfect dessert for any occasion. It’s easy to make and sure to impress your guests. The combination of brownies, fresh fruit, and creamy pudding is irresistible. Try this recipe today and you won’t be disappointed!

Q: Can I use a different flavor of pudding mix? A: Yes, you can substitute the vanilla pudding mix with any flavor you like, such as chocolate or banana.

Q: Can I make this recipe without the brownies? A: Yes, you can leave out the brownies if you prefer, or substitute them with chocolate cake or pound cake.

Q: How long can I keep the trifle in the refrigerator? A: The trifle will keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.


Q: Can I use frozen fruit instead of fresh? A: Yes, you can use frozen fruit if fresh is not available. Be sure to thaw the fruit before using.

Q: Can I make this recipe vegan or dairy-free? A: Yes, you can use dairy-free milk, pudding mix, and whipped topping to make this recipe vegan or dairy-free.

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