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3 grandmother’s tips to remove the smell of cat urine

3 grandmother’s tips to remove the smell of cat urine

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Your life has been transformed since the arrival of this adorable kitten into your home. He has brought you inestimable joy. However, it must be admitted that cohabitation is not easy. What annoys you the most? The smell of his urine everywhere in the house. Because, although he is clean and perfectly trained, he sometimes neglects his litter box. As long as he is not in good shape, the box is moved, there is a sudden change in his routine or he wants to mark his territory, presto your cat plays the rebel and pees where he wants . And it doesn’t smell like roses! How to remove cat urine smell? Here are our grandmothers’ tips.

Why do cats pee outside the litter box?

Generally demanding and picky about hygiene, your cat may still abandon the litter box and pee everywhere else. There may be various reasons for this unusual behavior. But what is most frustrating is having to pay the price. Because it’s you who goes behind to clean up the mess. And, suffice to say,  the strong smell of his urine  is really not fun! 

Aside from loss of landmarks or territory marking, here are some common causes of litter abandonment:

  • Health Problems:  If your cat suddenly starts peeing anywhere, it could be due to any illness, urinary tract infections, kidney problems, diabetes, thyroid problem or pain when urination. In which case, he may associate using the litter box with pain  and look for other places to urinate. 
  • Behavioral problems: your cat doesn’t have any particular health problems and you don’t understand why he abandons his litter box? In this case, it may be due to a behavioral disorder. Pay close attention, observe his recent attitude carefully to understand what bothers him and what pushes him to change his habits. Perhaps he is unhappy with a lack of hygiene in the litter box? Remember that cats, in particular, are very particular about cleanliness. But it is also possible that he is a victim of stress, anxiety, frustration or even a form of depression.
  • Hormonal problems: oh yes,  hormones also play a lot in this type of situation. Your cat may mark its territory by peeing in the house in an attempt to signal its presence and willingness to mate with a female.
  • Advanced age:  as the years go by, changes due to age must also be taken into consideration. As your cat ages, he may stop using the litter box due to arthritis, for example. Unlike an active, energetic young feline, it’s not easy for an older cat to get into the litter box due to its height, location, or high sides. In which case, you will have to make it easier for him by simply changing the litter.

Well, now you know a little more about the reasons that push him to pee outside his designated place. Regardless, you will try to resolve the problem one way or another. However, it is essential to eliminate that persistent smell that invades the house.

You’re in luck: in this article we are going to present a simple tutorial with different cleaning methods to solve this problem step by step. The good news is that you probably already have all the products you will need in your cupboards!

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Why is cat urine so strong?

You already know perfectly well what we are talking about. Very noticeable and recognizable among thousands, the smell of cat pee is extremely strong and often persists even after cleaning. In reality, a cat’s urine is made up of waste evacuated by its biological system. Urea in urine is indeed odorless, but it gives the animal’s urine a sticky texture. And, you should know that the nauseating and persistent scent results from two amino acids: feline and cysteine-S-isopentanol. They give off a powerful smell of sulfur and are often associated with territory marking.

How to remove cat urine smell?

No matter how much you love  cats , if there’s one thing that repels every feline owner, it’s the smell of their pee! And, if your cat has had fun urinating outside of its litter box, you will feel it the moment you set foot in the house. Fortunately, there are reliable ways to eradicate this problem. Simple and economical home solutions to eliminate this overwhelming odor.

Tip #1: vinegar to remove the smell of cat urine

Cat urine smell is an annoying problem for your home environment. Especially since, although we have often carefully cleaned the infected areas, the smell still persists. Rest assured, not for long, especially with this ally of choice!

  1. Remove Excess Cat Pee

First of all, if you are in the area, you have to act quickly while the pee is still fresh! As soon as you notice the puddle somewhere, remove it with paper towels. Of course, if your cat has peed on the floor, it makes your life easier since it can dry easily. Things get complicated when your little monster has relieved itself on the sofa, the armchair or even your bed. As soon as urine comes into contact with fabrics, sheets, cushions or carpets,  the cleaning operation becomes more laborious .


The longer the cat’s urine remains on a surface, the more the odor intensifies and penetrates the tissues. Once dry, it leaves an unpleasant scent and may even encourage your cat to urinate in the same place again.

  1. Mix the water and vinegar

Well, we don’t panic and we go all out on the vinegar! This versatile product is a strong partner when it comes to household cleaning. In addition to being antibacterial and ecological, it is a top-notch deodorizer. You can therefore largely count on it to effectively eliminate this unbearable odor. Simply mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bowl (or spray bottle) to thoroughly clean the affected area and mask the unpleasant scent.

Why is vinegar so effective? Thanks to its acidity, it neutralizes the bacteria present in the cat’s urine and chases away unwanted fumes. Vinegar can also break down alkaline salts that form in dry pee. Oh yes, but the vinegar itself gives off a strong smell, would you say? That’s true, but don’t worry, it fades pretty quickly you’ll see. And, in no time, the disturbing smell of cat pee will no longer be around!

  1. Add rubbing alcohol to the water and vinegar mixture

For an even more effective result, do not hesitate to add the same amount of rubbing alcohol to the vinegar-water solution. Shake well and that’s it!

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