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WHITE BEAN AND HAM HOCK SOUP: Hearty Comfort in a Bowl

WHITE BEAN AND HAM HOCK SOUP: Hearty Comfort in a Bowl

The earthy tastes of soft white beans and the smoky richness of ham hocks come together in a meal called White Bean and Ham Hock Soup, which is a dish that will warm your spirit. This substantial soup is a classic example of comfort food; it is ideal for winter days and gatherings with close friends and family.
This White Bean and Ham Hock Soup is a celebration of rustic tastes, blending the substantial goodness of beans with the smokey richness of ham hocks to create a soup that is both rich and hearty. Because each morsel imparts a distinct flavor of coziness and reassurance, this dish is an invaluable asset to any dining table.


1 Lb.Of dried white beans (Great Northern or Navy beans).

2 ham hocks.

1 large chopped onion.

3 chopped carrots.

3 chopped celery stalks.

4 minced garlic cloves.

8 Cups.Of chicken or vegetable broth.

2 bay leaves.

1 small sp.Of dried thyme.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Olive oil for sautéing.

Optional: chopped fresh parsley for garnish.


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