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What to do with overripe bananas? 9 anti-waste tips

What to do with overripe bananas? 9 anti-waste tips


We often buy too many and unfortunately they ripen quickly. These are the famous yellow bananas which become covered with brown spots once they become too ripe; and our adoration for this fruit that we cherish crumbles. It’s simple, eating them can put us off. So what to do? To throw them ! It’s out of the question, it’s not economical and it’s wasteful… So we’re going to find creative ways to accommodate them. If you too have experienced this inconvenience with your bananas, follow us to take advantage of these anti-waste tips and continue to benefit from their benefits. Enough to have a banana smile!

As a snack, snack or dessert, the banana is an indisputable healthy fruit. Are you feeling slack? Do you have dull skin? Is your hair dry and in a war zone? No need to panic! Just mash a banana. And that’s good, since you already have ripe bananas that you plan to throw away. Don’t make this mistake; here is how you can reuse them for your greater well-being.

What to do with overripe bananas?

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If you also have bananas that have softened and blackened at high speed, there are tons of ways to reuse them. Appetizing recipes, masks for the skin and hair…It is even possible to use its peel in the garden; recycling in zero waste mode requires… So no question of throwing them away!

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