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The ‘Mom Of Boys’ Guide To Getting That Gross Smell Out Of Your Bathroom

++Bad pipe odors: the quickest solution

Here is the quickest and most effective regular maintenance solution to neutralize bad pipe odors:

First of all, pour white vinegar into an ice cube tray, before placing it in your freezer. 

Every month, all you have to do is put an ice cube of white vinegar in your pipes and let it act for a few hours. As it melts, it will help disinfect your pipes and eliminate bad smells.

In parallel, every 15 days, do not hesitate to pour  Liter of boiling water in your pipes to clean them well.

7 effective tips for getting rid of bad smells from drains

Why does my sink or shower smell bad? Where does this awful smell come from that takes you to the guts when you enter your kitchen or your bathroom? The causes can be multiple, but don’t panic, we give you our 7 tips to fight against bad smells from pipes so that you can regain your comfort!

Don’t have time to read this entire article? So discover the 5 most effective tips in video:

1. First thing to do: clean the siphon

If the bad odors come from a kitchen sink or your bathroom sink, it is likely that the siphon is clogged, so it is essential to clean it:

Bring gloves & an empty container, such as basin,

Place the basin under the siphon,

Unscrew the siphon under the sink or washbasin,

Collect the water that flows into the basin,

Remove the waste by hand,

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Screw the siphon back on,

Open the faucet for a minute or two to make sure there are no leaks.

2. Unclog with a plunger

You can also raise the cork to the surface using a suction cup. Before that, plug all the air inlets with a damp cloth. Then pump vigorously until the clog is evacuated.

Your sink is completely clogged and nothing helps? A professional will find the solution!

3. Unclog with a ferret

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