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White Amish bread is a simple, soft sandwich loaf that doesn’t crumble when cut. The smooth texture and subtle sweetness of this treat make it a favorite among children. Freezes well. This is a simple recipe that’s great for beginners, and it’s received millions of positive reviews from satisfied bakers.
If you are seeking a handmade version of Wonder Bread, you should certainly give this traditional Amish white bread a try! It has a little sweetness to it, and when I say “a hint,” I’m referring to the delicious warm dinner rolls that are served at Logan’s Roadhouse or the Hawaiian rolls.

Bread flour is recommended for use in this recipe; however, you are welcome to use all-purpose flour in its place. Be aware that the texture could be a little bit thicker, and that the loaf might not rise as much as it normally would.
If you are using all-purpose flour and you have some wheat gluten lying around, you may substitute 1 tablespoon of flour for 1 tablespoon of gluten for every cup of flour that you use. This will give the sweet white bread the rise and fluffiness that you’re searching for by adding that ingredient.

1 Cup.Of warm water at 110 degrees F.

1 Cup.Of whole milk at 110 degrees F.

⅔ Cup.Of sugar.

1½ Tbsp.Of active dry yeast.

1½ Tsp.Of salt.

¼ Cup.Of vegetable oil.

5½ Cups.Of bread flour.

2 Tbsp.Of melted butter.


1st Step

In a large bowl, dissolve the sugar by mixing it with warm water and milk. Stir in the yeast with a whisk. Let the yeast mixture sit undisturbed for five to ten minutes, or until it begins to froth.

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2nd Step

Mix in one cup of the flour while stirring. Mix in the salt and oil with a whisk. While the mixer is running, add the remaining flour one cup at a time. Continue doing this until the dough begins to pull away from the bowl.

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