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Pierogi – Polish dumplings

Pierogi – Polish dumplings

Ingredients in Pierogi

Very, very few!


It’s essentially cheesy, buttery, creamy mashed potato. See authenticity note below the photo on the cheese

Pierogi Ruskie Ingredients 2

  • Potatoes – Use all-rounder potatoes so they mash up fluffy and creamy. The most common potatoes at regular stores will be fine – they’re stocked because they’re great all-rounders.

    Australia – Sebago (the dirt brushed potatoes sold everywhere) are perfect, Desiree are great too. US: Yukon Gold, russet, UK: Maris piper, King Edward.

  • Cheese – I use cheddar but any good melting cheese you’d happily put in your grilled cheese is fine. Give mozzarella a miss. While it melts great, it doesn’t have enough flavour.

    Authenticity note – Pierogi is traditionally made with quark, a mildly tangy European cottage cheese. Quark is not something I’ve seen frequently in Australia. Shredded cheese, as you can imagine, makes a delicious alternative. Sour cream or regular cottage cheese also work (and are more similar to quark).

  • Butter – Use unsalted so we can add the right amount of salt.


Pierogi Ruskie Ingredients 1

  • Flour – Just plain / all-purpose flour.
  • Large egg – From a carton labelled “large eggs” (they should weight around 55-60g/2 oz).
  • Butter – Melted into the water that I accidentally left out of the phot. 🙂


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