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Paint a pumpkin black and then rip the tape away to reveal the chicest Halloween decor


Ahhhhh…fall. The crispness is back in the air, and suddenly there’s pumpkin-spice-flavored everything. Pumpkins are so versatile and play a big role during the autumn season. Whether you like them best as coffee or cookie flavors or baked, carved or much more, today you may just fall in love with white pumpkins used in unique home decor DIY crafts. We’ll also show how to make a unique design by first painting a pumpkin black (Keep reading to see how below!)

In nature, white pumpkins are actually albinos and are bred specifically to bring out those genes. Or you can paint them, or purchase faux white pumpkins from just about any arts and crafts store. However you start, the finished product is sure to be adorable when you follow these simple pumpkin decor tutorials.


1. Washi tape plus scissors create an adorable shiny pumpkin


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The above DIY shows us how to cut up Washi tape to create these festive, confetti-inspired white pumpkins. The confetti is placed on the pumpkins to simulate piles gathering at the bottom to create a realistic look. This unique arrangement is just about as simple as it gets, and if you enjoy wielding your scissors, you’ll really enjoy this project.

2. Keep the gold bling going with this sparkly monogram

There are surprisingly few steps involved to get this high-end, elegant monogrammed white pumpkin. The swirling font is especially attractive. Plus, who doesn’t love sparkly gold things?

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3. Create a gorgeous monogram decor piece with just a couple products

Virtually all you need to complete this monogrammed pumpkin is a little paint and some transfer paper. You can paint the monogram any color you desire, though the contrast of the black and white is certainly stunning. Add a couple of pops of color in the form of berries or (you guessed it!) more pumpkins, and you have a gorgeous pumpkin display this fall.

4. Beautiful Washi tape pumpkins

Take these pumpkins to the next level with black and white Washi tape stripes. The varying designs add a playful spin to the white and silvery pumpkins. These fun, festive pumpkins are easy to put together but will look like they were professionally styled just for your home.

5. Just a little tape and some black paint for a chevron design on your pumpkins

The following DIY nails the look of elegant pumpkins with this chevron design.


To achieve a chevron effect on foam pumpkins, start by taping out your desired pattern using painter’s tape, then trim any excess tape. Apply white spray paint for a large pumpkin or brush on latex craft paint for a smaller one. Allow the paint to dry, peel off the tape, and touch up any imperfections with a fine-tip paintbrush or black Sharpie if desired. This technique transforms plain foam pumpkins into stylish chevron-patterned decor for fall or Halloween.