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Orchids, the zero-cost fertilizer: never had they been so lush

Here is the miracle fertilizer that will cost you nothing and will allow you to make your beautiful orchids bloom again.

Trucco Orchidea

Continue reading our article to find out how to make a natural fertilizer that will help your orchids grow dramatically.

How to make orchids grow lush

Orchids are beautiful plants, which we must take care of down to the smallest detail if we want them to sprout well .


The first thing we recommend you do is to avoid watering your plant too much, especially at night and at midday. These are the times in which, in fact, orchids risk the so-called thermal shock , a contrast between the temperature of the water and the outside temperature.

Come Far Rifiorire Le Orchidee

Furthermore, you should know that the right way to water orchids is to only wet the soil or the saucer. However, if you notice that the leaves are too dirty, you must necessarily clean them to allow the plant to breathe.

To do this, you can combine 70 ml of water with 30 ml of whole milk. The proteins in this very rich liquid, in fact, will thoroughly clean the plant and will also prevent the attack of fungi .

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