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Large Asian Hornet nests found in abandoned house promoting fresh warnings

Asian hornets, known as Vespa velutina nigrithorax, which are native to Southeast Asia have been found in an abandoned home in St Brelades, a town located on the Channel Island in the United Kingdom.

This species is considered invasive because of its ability to displace local hornet populations and wreak havoc on ecosystems by attacking the honeybees population. They can also be very aggressive towards humans.

The first time Asian hornets found their way into Europe was through a nest hidden abroad a ship. They were first spotted in the south of France from where they spread throughout the continent, including United Kingdom.

The Channel Islands, including St Brelades, are particularly susceptible to the presence of these hornets due to their proximity to mainland Europe.

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The nest found in St Brelades marks 171 nests of Asian hornets found this year in the United Kingdom compared to the 71 found at this time last year.

Authorities have concerns that their ability to keep this species out of the country is slipping away.

They are issuing warnings for the citizens to be extra cautious in case they stumble upon a nest of Asian hornets.

Since the spread of these hornets is fast, people should learn how to effectively handle such situations.

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