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How to keep cats away from the house and garden? 10 natural methods

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How to keep cats away from the house and garden? 10 natural methods

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A stray cat roaming around your home? This situation quickly becomes annoying when he mistakes your garden or vegetable patch for a litter box. Fortunately, there are several options available to you to keep it away naturally. Yes, because there is no question of doing him any harm! We tell you everything…

We love these little cats who make eyes at us to get a piece of pâté and some kibble! Although they are gentle and cuddly creatures , cats are often responsible for some nuisances. Scratches on the sofa, the curtains or the furniture, traces of pee… They show us all the colors. Stray cats roaming our garden are another story…Here is the procedure to follow to keep them at bay.

How to keep cats away from the house and outside spaces?

Whether it’s your cat or the neighbors’ cat, these felines always choose the same places to urinate. They also sometimes sit on the same cushion to take a nap or play with vegetables from the vegetable garden. How to put an end to all these annoying habits? Overview of the best natural repellents.

1. White vinegar, an effective natural repellent against cats

Unsurprisingly, white vinegar is on the list of proven repellents. In addition to keeping cats away , this product has a cleaning and sanitizing effect. Here’s everything you’ll need to use it at home:

  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part liquid hand soap
  • 1 part water

Do you have all the ingredients? Follow the steps:

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