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Here is the fat burning soup that allows you to lose 4 kg in a week

Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, a hearty diet can lead to considerable weight gain. Obesity can be the cause of many diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and hypertension. To regain your healthy weight, it is essential to favor healthy and dietary meals while having sustained physical activity. This soup recipe is ideal for stimulating the feeling of satiety, essential for resisting cravings. And for good reason, this soup contains ingredients with formidable dietary properties. We tell you more in our nutrition and recipes section.
A period of neglect can have a lasting impact on your figure and cause unsightly bulges. To get back in control, it is essential to establish new eating habits coupled with the resumption of sustained physical activity. This diet soup recipe is ideal for burning fat in depth and includes, among other things, onion, cabbage and parsley, all ingredients with slimming and detoxifying properties that will allow you to boost your weight loss.
Onion, your slimming partner
With a contribution of 43 calories per 100 grams, onion is a preferred vegetable to combat excess weight. Diuretic and regulator of insulin levels, it is ideal for fighting cellulite. According to the conclusions of this scientific experiment published in the journal Nutrients, the onion acts by inhibiting the formation of fats thanks to its cysteine ​​sulfoxide. So many reasons to favor vegetables in seasoning balanced dishes.

The benefits of parsley

Parsley, a dietary plant

To regain a wasp waist, parsley is a preferred food. And for good reason, its low calorie content and its diuretic properties help eliminate toxins stored in the body. Its richness in fiber also triggers the feeling of satiety, ideal for fighting cravings. According to the conclusions of this scientific experiment carried out in vivo, the plant has a significant impact on body weight.
The benefits of cabbage

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Cabbage, your slimming ally
Eaten in soup or salads, cabbage can be a formidable slimming ally. Its balance of fiber, vitamins and minerals makes it a preferred food during a low-calorie diet. This study highlights that consuming cabbage soup allows you to observe a reduction in your body mass index (BMI).

How do I prepare my slimming soup?

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