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Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

Here are the reasons why your orchid is dying!

In fact, the aerial roots that come out of the pot should in no case be cut, unless they are rotten, and we understand this because they are pulled without using scissors. These roots that have grown out of the pot have adapted to such a life, that is to say in the air, and do not cause problems. If the aerial roots of the orchid are healthy, it means that they are placed in the right place, in a humid place.

Aerial roots, as we have said, should never be cut and are not roots that do not fit into the pot. In fact, this condition of the orchid does not mean that the plant needs to be repotted. However, always check the tips of your orchid’s aerial roots, which should be green in color to indicate that it is healthy.

Aerial roots of the orchid
If, on the contrary, you notice that the aerial roots are not green, this means that the root is drying out, and therefore there is a method to solve this problem before it is too late. What you need to do is really simple and keeps the aerial roots alive and not tending to dry out.

Simply take a bowl of water and immerse the inactive aerial root in it. The root provides the orchid with moisture and water. In addition, this method makes the room more humid and thus promotes the growth of the plant. You will immediately notice that it changes from gray to green.


Orchid – aerial roots in a bowl of water

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