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Cheesy Scalloped Zucchini

Any dish that’s gratinéed or scalloped seems like it’s far too much trouble for any given weeknight, but it’s time to set aside those assumptions. This Cheesy Scalloped Zucchini is far easier than it looks and far more delicious than it has any right to be. The method is genius — a shallow sheet pan, a little broiling, a sauce that needs no stovetop, and you have a side dish that’ll induce cravings. And it will take you fifteen minutes. Yes, fifteen! What do you have to lose?

When I think “scalloped,” I think of either a) Grandma’s lace curtains, or b) Scalloped Potatoes. But Scalloped Potatoes — at least in my life experience — have mostly been reserved for Thanksgiving or company or Easter dinner. They’re not everyday food. But this scalloped veg most certainly is fit for the everyday. It’s SO fast and so much more interesting than your basic roasted or steamed veggie side. (Of course, a cheesy cream sauce certainly helps that cause along.)


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