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Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are a wonderful thing all on their own, but when you tuck some butterscotch chips and toffee bits into them it really ups the ante. These Butterscotch Shortbread Cookies still have that same buttery bite you know and love, but every bite also has a bit of caramelly butterscotch as well. Thanks to two kinds of butterscotch, there’s plenty of texture, so these cookies melt in your mouth but have a bit of crunch too.

You start by making the dough with the usual shortbread ingredients – butter, flour, sugar, and the like. But these also have two other components to help them out, toffee bits and butterscotch chips.

They get stirred into the dough…

… before you roll it up, chill it, and slice it…

… and place them on a tray to bake.

As they bake the butterscotch chips melt into specks of soft caramel flavor while the toffee bits retain a bit of crunch. The cookie that surrounds them is buttery and has that signature shortbread bite that melts in your mouth with a little bit of crumble. So delicious!


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