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Apple Cheesecake Danish Bars

Apple Cheesecake Danish Bars

Cheesecake danishes have always been a favorite of mine. Growing up, we didn’t eat them at home very often, but there always seemed to be a box full of them at the Sunday church service. Whether they were plain cheese, cherry, or apple, I was completely on board with eating these sweet treats for breakfast.

These days, I don’t often have time to make danishes from scratch, so when a craving strikes I turn to these easy Apple Cheesecake Danish Bars! They’re a cinch to make using crescent roll dough, apple pie filling, and a simple cream cheese mixture.

These bars are perfect for any occasion, but especially great when entertaining because there’s enough to serve a whole crowd! A delicious breakfast indulgence, an afternoon treat, or cozy dessert, there’s no wrong time for these danish bars. If you’re whipping up a batch for a smaller group, the recipe can also be cut in half pretty easily and baked in an 8×8 dish instead. Swapping in cherry pie filling also makes for a tasty alternative!


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