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12 uses of hydrogen peroxide you wish you knew before

Most people use hydrogen peroxide to mend and disinfect small wounds and minor cuts. This chemical can be also found in some bleach and teeth whithening products. It will come as a surprise the fact that this compound has several other uses that you never knew especially when having a bottle of hydrogen peroxide somewhere in your home. Here are 12 uses of hydrogen peroxide you wish you knew before.

1. Kitchen glass cleaner

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean glass surfaces, stove tops and mirrors. Simply spray the compound directly onto the surface and use a lint free cloth to wipe away the dirt.


2. Countertops disinfectant

Microbes can easily spread in your kitchen especially on your countertop, spray hydrogen peroxide onto your countertops to instantly kill the micro organismes.


3. Cutting board cleaner

If you don’t clean your cutting board properly it can be a host for germs and cause some real problems. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean and disinfect your cutting board and kill the dangerous bacteria.


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