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12 Mind-Blowing House Cleaning Hacks

Do you’ve got got a love-hate courting with cleaning? You love the look, feel, and smell of a clean house, but you really hate cleaning. I understand. I was here. That’s why I’m sharing these 12 home cleaning tips to help you get through your spring cleaning checklist a little faster so you can spend more time enjoying the nice weather. 

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Spring cleaning tips. Clean the vents.

Spring cleaning tips. Clean the vents.

Clean the floor vents in the dishwasher. Cross – dazzling design

Spring cleaning tips. Grout cleaning.

Use a bleaching gel to remove mold and mildew from bathroom tiles. Cross – the first love of life in the house

To clean oven racks without scrubbing, place them in a large trash bag with ammonia and leave for a few hours in a well-ventilated area. Trans – thrifty blonde

Spring cleaning tips. Clean the window screen.

Clean the screens with a lint roller. Through – Shack Notes

Spring cleaning tips. Window sill cleaning.

Place a cardboard tube on the end of the vacuum cleaner to get into small spaces like window bars, under kitchen appliances, in the corner of kitchen drawers, and between couch cushions.  across – a good thing

Spring cleaning tips. Clean the oven glass interior.

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