Peppers & Onion Gyros Burger



 °Hamburger buns
 ° Steacks
 ° Eggplant
 ° Red bell pepper
 ° Yellow pepper
 ° Onion
 ° Parmesan pieces
 ° Red pesto in a jar
 ° Olive oil
 ° Salt pepper


Cut the eggplant into slices and the peppers into strips.
Mince the onion.
Fry the eggplant slices, the slices of pepper and the minced onion in a pan in olive oil until the whole is lightly browned.
Meanwhile, cooking steaks in another skillet. Salt & pepper.
Generously spread the inside of the buns with pesto.
Place the burgers on the bun bases.
Adding vegetables also parmesan shavings.
Close burgers.
Enjoy !

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