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With its wide range of pasta and pizza meals as well as seasonal vegetables, meat, and fresh seafood, we all agree that Italian cuisine is one of the most fascinating in the world. There is also a large selection of sweet desserts so that even if you skip one, the meal isn’t complete.

Whatever the season, everyone enjoys a delicious tiramisu, a creamy panna cotta garnished with fresh fruits, or a great large scoop of gelato, whether it’s summer or winter. Then there are the “pasticcini,” which are little bite-size sweets like Italian cream puffs, tartlets, and so on. The “cannoncino,” which is a sweet delicacy in this category and a particular favorite of mine, is one such sweet delight.

This traditional Piedmontese dessert, which is also very popular in many Northern and Central Italian areas, is filled with cream and baked. It is possible to get Cannoncini filled with various pastry creams while visiting an Italian pastry store, but the most popular filling is without a doubt the Vanilla Pastry Cream, which can be found in most pastry shops across the country. The recipe for the delectable Cannoncini is provided below!

A few hours before serving, or at the very least a few hours before serving, the pastry horns are often filled with cream. Some cooks like to put a little dusting of powdered sugar on top of the Cannoncini before serving.

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