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How to reduce the energy consumption of the freezer?

Un refrigerateur ouvert rempli de fruits et de legumes

Because it is very electricity-intensive, but you cannot do without it, the freezer must be mastered in one way or another to give you some relief. In fact, there is a brilliant tip that can help you limit your energy consumption. As a bonus, you will see, it is also very useful in the event of an accidental power outage! Your secret weapon: a regular bottle of water. So get into the habit of no longer throwing away your empty plastic bottles, they will serve you in the best possible way. So how does it work? Rinse the bottle well, fill it with plenty of water and close it carefully. Then install it in one of the freezer drawers. Once frozen, it will help maintain the (cold) temperature much longer. You will therefore be able to regulate the internal temperature via the device’s thermostat, without worrying that your food will spoil. And presto, if there is an unexpected breakdown, you will have a good supply of water on hand!

NB  : this tip also works with airtight boxes or freezer bags. Wash them gently, fill them with water, close them and store them in the freezer drawers.

Why does my freezer consume too much?

Ouch, that’s the annoying question, because we’re going to reprimand you somewhat. Yes, unfortunately, most people increase this consumption of their own accord. They don’t do it on purpose obviously, these are common and common mistakes. Which ones, for example? When you open the freezer door: of course, it’s a great satisfaction to admire all these foodstuffs inside. Having a good stock of frozen foods is so much more reassuring and allows you to vary meals according to your tastes and desires. But, tell yourself that the more you leave the door open, the more the device works doubly to restore the internal temperature. So, waste of energy obviously!

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Another thing to remember: contrary to popular belief, an empty freezer consumes as much if not more than a full freezer. All the more reason not to treat yourself to a gigantic model if it is not really necessary or if you eat more fresh produce. Opt for a medium-sized model that will suit you perfectly and will be more than enough to freeze your food. Okay, that’s right, if you fill it all the way up, it will probably take longer to cool that large amount of food. But the advantage is that once everything is frozen, the motor will considerably reduce its work, which will allow you to make some significant savings.

Does an old or old freezer consume a lot?

Yes indeed. Although less expensive, old freezers consume up to 3 times more than new generation freezers. So, between us, we might as well spend a little more on purchases and save money in the long term! There’s nothing like a low-consumption, high-energy-efficiency model that won’t hold you back and will help you reduce costs. Moreover, in this regard, a 1992 community directive made it compulsory to display the energy label on all household appliances. This is a golden rule before any purchase: you must pay close attention to this label which indicates the energy consumption rate and other technical characteristics. Rest assured, it’s very easy to understand: you will see a series of arrows of increasing length, associated with the letters from A to G, which allow you to compare the consumption of different devices and choose the least voracious one. As we suggested above, the best choice should be the high-end models (A++ and A+++).

How long does a freezer work per day?

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