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Chocolate-Covered Cake with Fresh Fruit

Two 8-inch (20-cm) cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla, are each split into two layers. Alternate layers are sandwiched together and covered with whipped dairy cream flavored with melted chocolate. The cake is then completely coated in melted semisweet chocolate to give a luxurious glossy finish and decorated with chocolate-dipped fresh fruit and chocolate leaves.

How to Dip Fruit 

1. Make sure the fruit is dry and at room temperature

2. Hold the stalk end of the fruit and carefully dip the fruit into the melted chocolate.3. Gently shake the fruit to allow the excess chocolate to fall. 4. Leave the dipped pieces of fruit to set on baking parchment.

Did You Know? 

Always ensure that anything you want to coat with or dip into chocolate is at room temperature or the chocolate will set before coating smoothly
A selection of colorful fruits, half-dipped in either semisweet, milk, or white chocolate, looks very appealing

How to Make Chocolate Leaves

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